Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Be the kind of person you want your children to be."

The Wild Sister Manifesto took the place of a new moon vision board this month as it spoke to me so deeply. It hangs primitively with a piece of scotch tape between my bedroom window and the windowsill. I wanted to be able to see it when I opened my eyes every morning.

The one phrase that stood out to me most is "Be the kind of person you want your children to be.". This is a very humbling challenge if ever I heard one. I think as parents it is easy to lose sight of what we are modeling for our kids. Such a powerful reminder...I want my children to be joy-filled, to connect with their joy even when immediate situations or circumstances are not ideal. I want them to be free...to be who they are and to feel what they feel.

Each morning for the last couple weeks I have looked at this phrase and set the intention for my day. Once again, they are my little buddhas, guiding me on my journey as I guide them on theirs. Amazing...

Z, accessorized!
The Wild Sister Manifesto
with my big boys
happy boy early morning


  1. I just printed the Wild Sister Manifesto to post near my desk at work. Love it!

    1. I love it too! A nice dose of positive encouragement to start each day...


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