Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Intentions for the New Moon

I woke up on today's new moon wondering what my intention for this lunar cycle would be.  For whatever reason I am not up to making a vision board, although they are quite fun.  My board from May is still very relevant and I am quite inspired by it, so there was nothing I felt like adding right now.  That very thought is what led to realizing what my intention could be...

There was nothing I felt like adding right now.  

Clutter and I go way back.  I have always struggled with the accumulation of STUFF.  I have a very difficult time getting rid of things and end up in a near constant state of chaos.

Over the past couple years I have really started to address this.  I have worked with professional organizers, lovely women, who held my hand and thankfully refrained from rolling their eyes while I hemmed and hawed about what I should keep and what could be donated or tossed.  But it never stuck.  Within a few months I would be right back to square one.

Back in February I participated in the lovely Hannah Marcotti's Making Space Cleanse.  Hannah's approach  led me to actually making real progress for the first time!  I took some baby steps that have lasted this long!  But still, it is a constant struggle in my life, and when I really let it get to me, it affects my husband and kids as well.

Hannah taught me about making space for the energy that I want in my life.  This goes far beyond STUFF...but includes how I take care of myself.  All of the clutter, all of the stuff that I was reluctant to part with, was causing me to stagnate creatively as well as with my health.

So...back to the Leo new intention is to only add what is necessary and to get rid of as much clutter as I make even more space.  Having the kids home from school this summer adds an extra challenge there, but I have seen how much they flourish when I am actually able to keep the house clutter-free.

Starting over on this new moon...getting rid of as much as I can and adding as little as possible...


  1. Love this Jen. I should try the cleanse out myself - I have a tendency to hold on to things as well.

    1. Hi Erin! I highly recommend checking out any of Hannah's programs. I still have a hard time getting motivated to de-clutter but my attitude toward the process has changed so radically that I do it more often!

  2. I will definitely have to check them out! :)


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